Photography Contest

During the Meeting, a Photography contest will be held. Submitted photographs will be uploaded on the 5° CongresoArgentino de Fitopatología’s Facebook fanpage, and the most “Liked” photos will be winners for each category. The winners will receive a prize during the Meeting’s closing event.


Terms and Conditions

There will be two categories: Scientific images and Artistic images. In this case, images can be edited in order to highlight artistic aspects of scientific plant health related activities. The participants must send the files (2 maximum) via e-mail to, with the following subject: “ARTISTIC – PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST – last name”or “SCIENTIFIC – PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST – last name” depending on the type of image submitted. The e-mail must have a short description for each image, which will be set below them once uploaded in our Facebook fanpage. Files must have an image format of 300dpi in JPG, named as follows: “(ARTISTIC or SCIENTIFIC) PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST – last name”; if you plan on sending two images, then after your last name put number 1 for the first image and number 2 for the second one (“ARTISTIC or SCIENTIFIC – PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST – last name 1”).